Cyber Smart Pacific 2020

Globally, October is marked as the “International Cyber Security Awareness Month.” This year a regional Cyber Security Awareness Campaign “Cyber Smart Pacific 2020” was initiated by CERT Vanuatu, CERT NZ, CERT Tonga and MCIT Samoa. This joint effort is a collaboration by Pacific Cyber Security Network Operations (PaCSON); a Platform where all can share information, respond to Cyber Incidents and continuously combat Cyber-attacks and Cyber Security issues.

Pacific Online also joined in the campaign – special thanks to Amanda Van Gorp of CERT NZ who was quick to notice our Facebook reposts and resharing of Cyber Smart Pacific materials and allowing us to reuse their cool content.

Click the links below to see the Pacific Online Cyber Smart Pacific Awareness Campaign

Click these links to see Cyber Smart Pacific campaigns by the various CERTs in the region:

CERT Vanuatu

MCIT Samoa


CERT Tonga

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