Winston Peters Visits The Pacific Business Hub

New Zealand First leader Honourable Winston Peters took a trip to the South of Auckland while winding down his campaign trail visiting Pacific Businesses at the Pacific Business Hub in Manukau.

With Pacific interests at heart Peters says the Pacific region needs to be treated as equals. “We’re no longer going to treat the Pacific as beneficiaries, but as partners. It doesn’t matter about the size of the country, it matters about how you approach them.”

Peters told members of the Pacific business community about having the right attitude in order to move from a business hub to the big boardroom.

He talked about developing young Pasifika who are interested in IT so that IT specialists don’t have to be sourced from overseas.

Peters quoted a Pacific saying needed in politics today: “Not like the seagull tossing and turning its head at every wave but like the rock steadfast against the surging sea”

First Pacific owned ISP in Aotearoa MakaNet had this to say about the visit, “As the only Member of Parliament that took time to visit our Pacific businesses, thank you and we look forward to your return after the elections for some much needed korero.
Pacific businesses in Aotearoa are increasing and have been noted to be resilient. As a force to be reckoned with in the coming years, with an increasing labour force, better access to resources and cutting off the bureaucratic middle man would be our preference for help and not just hand outs.

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MakaNet is the First Pacific owned ISP in Aotearoa.
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Photo source: Makanet

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