Tonga Communications Corporation (TCC) Providing Broadband Connectivity for the Government of Tonga COVID-19 Repatriation Program

Tonga Communications Corporation (TCC) proudly announce complimentary broadband connectivity in support of Tonga National Emergency Management Committee (NEMC) Task Force and Emergency Telecommunication Cluster (ETC) COVID-19 program for returning repatriates, front liner and supporting staffs.

Mr. Timote Katoanga, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Tonga Communications Corporation (TCC) presented the U-Call SIM cards with a special ‘Malo E Lelei Package’ at Tanoa Hotel on Wednesday 7th August 2020 to Mr. Paula P. Ma’u, CEO for Ministry of Meteorology, Energy, Information, Disaster Management, Environment, Communications & Climate Change (MEIDECC).

On behalf of the National Emergency Management Committee (NEMC) Task Force, Mr. Ma’u accepted the package for the second repatriation passengers from New Zealand, expressing his appreciation for the valuable support of FREE exclusive plans made available to all passengers who arrived on Tuesday 4th August 2020.

In addition, TCC also provided FREE exclusive mobile plans to all front-line and supporting staff, a complimentary offer for their commitment and exceptional service during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Whilst in quarantine, TCC wants to extend its support by ensuring that all passengers can stay connected with their friends and families.

TCC recognizes the critical role provided by all the front line and supporting staff and the sacrifices, they are making for the safety and wellbeing of Tonga.

TCC wishes to make special acknowledgement of them by providing this special token of appreciation.

TCC understands that especially during these hard times, we Tongans love to stay-connected with our friends and loved ones here and abroad hence providing efficient communication plans, and Customer Care support available 24/7.

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