Innovation and Technology – Women as a resource

In a recent episode of RESET Fiji by MaiTV addressing Innvoation and Technology for progress for Fiji post COVID19; Masi Latianara, the Director for Habitat for Humanity highlighted that while there is innovation and technological available, there is a greater need for bringing everyone in the community together i.e. the banks, suppliers, construction people etc.

He highlighted how the current trend of everybody operating in silos was costing the state thereby costing tax payers. Mr Latianara raised the issue of the brain drain and how Fiji was losing people to Australia, New Zealand, US and Canada because we cannot compete with them in wages where for example, in Australia one would be getting $20 AUD an hour in comparison to $4 FJD an hour.

Mr Latianara mentioned that when we lose this resource the country is left with women, children mostly boys to rebuild communities after disasters. He pointed out the importance of looking at women as a resource. The need to to rebuild the community through System, structures in that were already in place but for the universities, vocational schools to be opened up to women.

He highlighted that when designing with a ‘User Responsive design’ Women as the users are the carers, home makers, nurses, doctors of our households, communities and villages. Mr Latianara highlighted that while women are users of every corner of the house, studies showed that less than 1% of women are involved in the decision making process in the design of the home and community and less than 7 % in the trades.

That women as users needed to be used and educated.

Reset Fiji is a public policy dialogue series, aimed to stimulate an economy of ideas, innovation with solutions to engineer a post COVID Fiji. Produced by MaiTV, Oxfam, University of Fiji and Pacific Network on Globalisation.

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