The folks here at Pacific Online are passionate about empowering our Pacific talents.

We provide the platform for visitors to take a peak into our ocean of skills. We celebrate the vibrant and extraordinaire cultures we are world famous for.

The digital divide that have separated us is an opportunity to open new channels and we offer a bridge for both incoming and outgoing waves of development. We are cutting our own edges off the Pacific ocean and drawing the world closer to us by setting trends and harnessing innovation just as our forefathers navigated oceans!

This is not just another website, it is the portal to our Pacific and a gateway to a world of opportunities.

Get on board with us today and let's sail across the seas to create tall tales to be told in days to come.


The thinker

Cherie Lagakali is a programmer from Fiji currently dabbling in and enjoying Pacific engagement a lil too much

The rest of us..

Gina Naigulevu is our exceptional multitasker, while her skills are banking application development we often find her moonlighting as a graphics designer 

the fixer

Emani Lui is Niuean, when not out on 'the rock' looking for mermaids he occasionally steps in to fix our technical problems.

Suzanne Moli Orudiana is our influencer,  as founding member of  ITSSI and WITSI; she inspires women to never give up, keep learning, keep growing through her stories.

Joseph Hing is our graphics designer extraordinaire responsible for our amazing logo and some pretty cool upcoming Pacific stories. Stay tuned!